"Chiropractic says that the vertebral subluxation is the cause of pain, disease and ill health. I agree - BUT WHAT CAUSES THE SUBLUXATION?

The BRIMHALL techniques address the underlying causes of the subluxations so the spine can STAY aligned and you have the great health that you desire AND don't have to see the chiropractor all the time

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Hi, my name is Daniel B. Flemming, D.C. and I am a chiropractor in Colorado Springs. I also see patients in the south Denver area and can make appointments for either location.

My specialty is the wonderful Brimhall protocol as taught by John Brimhall, D.C. who teaches this collection of cutting edge techniques at seminars around the country. This protocol addresses so many aspects of WHY a spine become misaligned and addresses those underlying problems. This can be broken down to six major areas which interfere with normal health and functioning. The longer I use this technique the more excited I am about the results I get and the more fascinated I am at all the connections between seemingly unrelated health problems.

1) We restore structural integrity through manipulation as well as a variety of other techniques including the fantastic percussor technique developed by Dr Fulford and the gentle hand held adjustor for many spinal corrections. I also emphasize cranial/sacral work as an unrestricted dura mater is critical to spinal health and function. Adjusting and spinal health is central to what I do. If the spine has chronic vertebral subluxations it is impossible for the body to be truly healthy.

2) Then we address electromagnetic sensitivity. Some people start getting very sensitive to electromagnetic fields such as computers, cell phones etc. This can be addressed fairly easily but if not handled can be a significant cause of fatigue and stress, especially for those that work on computers, phones and with other electronics.

3) Next we check to see what organs or systems of the body, if any, need to be rebuilt or replenished nutritionally. We have very specific and effective formulas for this. Very few people get the exact nutrition they need. With Kinesiolgy you can find what you really need to improve health and address certain problems. Just as important, you don't have to guess and end up taking what you DON'T need.

4) Then we check for both obvious allergies and more hidden sensitivities and address those with the very effective A/SERT technique which can lessen or eliminate many sensitivities and allergies. This is a modified version of NAET (Nambudripads's Allergy Elimination Technique). When I added this one component to my practice my total case time for patients immediately dropped by about 30%. About 30% fewer visits to get them out of pain, about 30% fewer visits to get the spine rehabilitated and stable.

5) We also look at and address many emotional or mental patterns or limiting beliefs with quick, effective release techniques. This usually results in a great feeling of "lightness" and relief after a session.

6) Then we evaluate and treat any heavy metal toxicity that is showing up. Heavy metals in the body are one of the major health concerns in this country and this is even well recognized by the FDA and EPA. We have effective approaches for this as well. Heavy metal accumulation has serious consequences in the body and is often an underlying factor in many health problems. Yeast problems and parasite problems almost always have a connection to heavy metals in the body. 

All this is tied together in ways that are specifically designed to help brain function and balance as well. These techniques create such deep changes so quickly that it is easy for it to be too much to take in. We work in ways that help the brain recognize, respond to and integrate all of these corrections at once without being overwhelmed. At the end of most sessions people feel better, feel centered and often have a feeling of lightness, as if a weight had been lifted.

I know this sounds like an awful lot of time and effort (and expenses) to address all of these concerns. However, with the new Brimhall protocol, ALL of these can be included effectively on most visits in one 10-30 minute session. Even though I have been doing this work for years, it still amazes me that so much can be compressed into each visit and still be so effective. This is the distillation of many techniques that originally took hours to do. As this work has progressed we have found quicker and quicker methods to accomplish the same thing. More than just effective, there seems to be a synergy in working all this together which make your results much more than just the sum of the parts.

So, what is the bottom line here? Why is all this important to you?

This approach means much deeper, faster, more lasting results with even "ordinary" chiropractic problems such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches numbness in the arms etc. For most people that means better results faster, with fewer visits.

Even more extraordinary is that with corrective care over time, this work has the potential to truly transform your health and the restart the healing processes of the body. Many, many other health problems can start improving or disappearing. Allergies, digestive complaints, mood problems, overall achiness, arthritis, even chronic problems and major health challenges can sometimes start turning around with this type of approach over a period of time. We simply treat the six major interferences to health as they show up on each visit and the body can start responding in amazing ways.

Please call and schedule a complimentary consultation today! We would love to meet you and we would love even more to help you return to vibrant health. 719-337-6633.

We want to get you better, not keep working on the same health problems time after time. We are glad to accept patients even with serious health challenges if we think there is something we can contribute.

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